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And now, a Message from your Moderator

WE'RE ALIIIIIIVE! Amazing, huh? It's been awhile, y'all, but darkenedspeed, like the lovable scamp we represent, REFUSES to go down without a fight. As a little present to all you loyal Thad fans, all three of us, here's a collage of Inertia, made in PictureIT with blood, sweat, tears, and a crapload of nabbed scans, icons, and fanart. If you see your icon or artwork in here and don't like it being here, tough titty. I'll credit anyone who speaks up in complaint, but I'm not removing it. I broke both my eyes and brain making this collage into proper wallpaper format for this community and if anyone thinks I'm gonna just hide it away again, HAHAHA NO. Besides, I made half of those icons myself, so nyah. Feel free to visit my main profile and gank 'em if you want, but credit. And now, enough about the Wonder of Me. He's your present, people! Enjoy!

Hope you like it, you guys!
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