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Newsrama News Interview thing

NRAMA: We've seen some cover images. What's up with Inertia? Is he teaming up with Zoom? And did you design his costume?

SK: When Geoff told me what was going on between them, my eyes popped out. Just awesome stuff. Geoff first mentioned using the Kid Flash costume -- and I naturally switched the lightning bolt just like I did for Zoom years ago. As a side note, I didn't realize that hadn't been done. I assumed the lightning bolt has always been reversed like the costume was. I think that's one of those "falling into a river of gold" moments.

Nooooooo! Not with Zoom! Anyone but Zoom!
I mean this in the slashy sense, of course.
Here's the entire interview, if anyone is interested:

Another interview thing:
KD: Let's talk about a different punk: is that Inertia running around in a "Reverse-Kid Flash" costume? Who came up with that idea?

SK: Geoff, but I named him Kid Zoom. When Geoff told me how Zoom was going to influence this story, I knew this book was a home run.

KD: Oh wait. Inertia becomes Zoom's sidekick?

SK: No, not sidekick. Zoom has plans for Inertia and how he can continue to test The Flash and make the Flash a better super-hero. If you remember Zoom was a Rogue profiler – so he knew most everything there was to know about the Rogues. He's smart enough to know you can't team up with these villains – especially the psychotic ones like Inertia. But isn't Kid Zoom a better name? I like "Impulse" and "Inertia," but I think as concepts of the Flash books names like "Kid Flash" and "Kid Zoom" are stronger.

KD: Yeah, "Kid Zoom" definitely fits the mythos.
Here's the link to the whole interview:
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