Grey (touch_of_grey37) wrote in darkenedspeed,

If you've yet to read Rogues Revenge...

Dear Inertia,

Well, fuck.

So sorry to curse at you, but GOD DAMNIT, THAD. How the cheese are we supposed to protect you now? I've already been mocked, taunted, and verbally abused on NINE DIFFERENT WEBSITES for still being your fangirl for the last year, then you go and MURDER TEN PEOPLE?! Jesus Christ on a freaking bicycle, Thad! THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO USE YOUR RAGE. Punching the homeless, for instance. NOT making people's heads explode! though I've got to say, that intestine thing WAS pretty darn cool. And while I would be the LAST person to stop you from killing Wally and/or his offspring, it has been deemed by a jury of my peers that taking that sort of action so soon after being untimefrozen would be decidedly Not Cool.
So in the end, don't go with Zoom. Going places with Zoom is just like drinking something that Deathstroke gives you; a Very Bad Idea. Don't become the new Kid Flash, as Kid Flash is the lamest type of speedster one could possibly be. Keep the green and black. Peace out.

Eternal Lurve and a basket of Congrats on Not Being Timefrozen Anymore Muffins,
Touch of Grey
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