inertia_earth11 (inertia_earth11) wrote in darkenedspeed,

my fan girl is showing

woot I found your club Grey
ok I'd like to start by standing up and saying...
Hi my name is ______ and I'm a Inertia fan
one of the proud few
I'm not his biggest fan, that would I think be Grey but I'm a close 2nd and here is why
I have every comic he has been in (given most Thad fans do)
I draw him more then any other villain from comics hell more then most heroes
I have even started a few fanfics with him
I bought a 820$ Asian ball join doll to be Thaddeus (but I still need to sew his costume I'm trying to work out the pattern for it ) 
I'm working on a custom Inertia action figure
and even though I love Bart Allen AKA Impulse I was/am half way ok with Thad helping to kill him if only becuase it's what he was made/cloned to do
also how many bad guys can say they met their life goal? name one other I dare you

oh and I have playd Thad as an anti-hero in a pen and paper RPG for over a year now
I play him post killing Bart but as if that whole mess with Zoom never happened (and my god what a mess it was)
ok now my geek is really showing and this is going to go ranty if I don't stop my self here

I'll end this by saying Inertia may not have many fans and some of us may be a little nuts
but at least he has us and thats more then can be said for some
and remember everyone needs love even evil clones

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