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Lego fun, and a cameo!

Okay, first thing's first:

Beautiful, isn't it? Brings a tear to my eye. DC, take note. We want a Minimate version of this, complete with a little blobby Craydl, and maybe packaged with an Impulse.

So I was going through my issues of Rogue War from 05, and I found something interesting on the cover of issue #225, just below the H in Flash:

Well, isn't that a kicker? I'd never noticed it before, and yet there he was. So I started looking for other cameos in the Flash series, and I found another. I'd actually known about it for a while (fashioned myself an LJ avatar with the picture), but this is the first time I've posted the picture here, I think. The pic is from a Flash fansite called Hyperborea. Inertia is #4, and tiny.

I'll try to find his cameo from the Titan's Deathtrap saga, but until then, keep an eye out for any more cameos you can find!

Oh, and before I forget...

Ta da! Our boy makes a quick cameo in the background of the fight. Isn't Pixelnertia cute?
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