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Hey, everybody! This is the first official fan community for our beloved dark speedster, Thaddeus Thawne, Impulse's clone, Inertia! Please, join us in our love for the snarkiest speedster in DC history. But first, a few rules:

1. Post fics, art, and other Thadness, but post all, er, BIG stuff under a cut.
2. Yaoi is accepted. Yaoi is most definitely accepted.
3. For the love of god, give a RATING along with your fics/art. No one likes overly-sue-y parents whose kids wander into a graphic story.
4. Above all, keep the Inertia love alive and have FUN!

Enjoy the community! Spread the Thad-flavored love!

Inertia is love
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Thad Thawne is love
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